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Welcome to Jerry's Automotive Blog

About Jerry Voss

I love closed circuit racing (racetracks), the thrill of an engine roaring down a track, oh baby, its like music to my ears. I don't like seeing the same cars over and over again in traffic every morning. I'm from California, very straightforward down to earth and spontaneous. As I mentioned, I love cars. Did i mention I love them? Muscle cars, imports, even the rice rockets, anything that can move seriously fast, I love. I'd like to use this site to explore my cars and cars I'd love to own so you can expect to find galleries and pics of my top performance tuned vehicles.

Things to Expect

  • Pinterest style gallery of high performance cars
  • Blogger writing for my content (will be hosted on my domain).
  • Lots of pictures and hoping to make a section of Youtube videos too.